Cookie management policy

A cookie is a file stored on your computer for a fixed period of time when you are connected to the internet. All information related to your browsing is saved in this file.
In order to optimize your user experience, cookies are used to identify each of your visits to a site to provide you with services that exactly meet your needs.
On the website we use three types of cookies. It should be noted that no advertising is presented to our visitors.
Analytical cookies:
These types of cookies allow us to have an idea about the statistics of visits to our site in order to analyze traffic. These data allow us to improve the navigation of our users.
Social media sharing cookies:
We integrate scipts on our platform to share the content of our site with third-party sites. This is the case for the "Share" buttons from social networks, notably Facebook.
Technical cookies:
These cookies have the role of presenting you the services adapted to your navigation.