Market Me is a tech marketing company that is a hybrid between physical sampling and digital marketing. This company will eventually utilize AI and blockchain to tailor samples to clients and companies based on specific needs.

                The company would serve the purpose of both consumers and producers.

Consumer’s level

-          Paying a monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual subscription allows the client to be aware of latest and existing products in the segments that interest you.

-          This subscription also includes samples of new products or products that interest them from our list of partners.

-          This list is derived specifically based on the interest of the clients.

Producer’s level

-          Provide targeted sampling to clients interested by their existed products or new products.

-          Tailored to the interest end customer and allowing them to reach them without needing to go to a store or a gathered event.

The suppliers will be listed based on their choice and will be broken down into different categories. They can publish the items they want to provide samples from. A delivery schedule will be provided from which the suppliers and the clients can chose.