Frequently Asked Questions

All For One is a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences between entrepreneurs and Freelancers, the platform offers a multitude of services to these users in this case:
- An interactive online training platform (e-learning) that allows you to forge and / or improve your skills in marketing, project management, management, writing a business plan ... etc, and many other areas. < br /> - The donation collection platform for your projects and ideas or for the support of a noble cause. It allows users to launch fundraising companions using a modern, interactive and attractive interface to promote your projects.

All For One does not manage or intervene in fundraising, participants or donors commit their donations or participation directly to the project holder by the means of payment agreed between the parties (Bank transfer, Electronic banking, money transfer, etc.).
Do you have an idea or project that you've always dreamed of realizing and you don't know where to start? The All4One platform offers project leaders advice on the main lines for setting up a project from A to Z as well as a service to help promote and finance their projects through donations.

Our service to promote and collect donations for your projects costs 30 € for each open pot regardless of your project budget.