User's Community

Support you throughout your project.

With our experience in supporting our customers from the formulation of their needs to the deployment of the solution, we have proven expertise to support you in your project and guarantee the buy-in of all users .
Support the launch and / or development of your societal impact project.
All 4 one supports you from the development of your project idea to its realization.
The support offered covers legal structuring, economic and financial forecasting, the protection of ideas and also offers personalized training and coaching to help you be more serene and efficient.
All4One also supports you in the search for funds and investments.
All4One is an independent, open, reactive and innovative organization, combining multidisciplinary skills, bringing together experts sharing common values ??on human cooperation in listening and kindness.

Supporting you beyond your project

Our clients come from all different backgrounds, and have projects that differ vastly in terms of their objectives, implementation, and maturity. Everyone, however, receives the same benefits from using IDhall SC. Likewise, the kind of groups we work with tend to share one important thing in common: the desire to share their experiences openly, beyond the use of the software itself. This is why once a year, as part of our Users Club, we invite our clients to gather together in order to present their approach, share best practices, and communicate to each other the common pitfalls to avoid. For us, this represents the highlight of our year as it is always a fun and enriching experience for all those present.