Terms of Service

The client, a capable adult natural person, or an association of general or public interest, using the services which are offered on the Website www.all-41.com , in his own name .


You declare that you are an adult natural person or an association as of right according to the laws in force in your country of residence, and can justify its object of general and public interest. If applicable, you agree to leave the www.all-41.com website reserved for these users.

You will find information relating to the use of the Site in the "Conditions" tab. Browsing the Site implies acceptance of these Conditions. If applicable, we invite you not to continue browsing.

If you wish to become a User of the services provided online via the Site, you must register, carefully read these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the jackpot and accept them by following the registration process on the Website www.all-41.com .


User: Any natural person acting on his behalf or on behalf of an association of general interest or public law and using the Site either as a simple visitor, Organizer, Participant and / or Beneficiary.

Beneficiary: Person designated as holder of the Kitty by the Organizer. The designated Beneficiary may be any natural person or association acting on their own behalf or the Organizer itself, subject to the application of these conditions.

Jackpot: the announcement made on the site to raise funds for the financing of a charitable project or action which includes the following information: purpose of the jackpot, detailed description of the jackpot, the payment information on which the beneficiary wishes to receive donations or contributions, etc.

General Conditions: Designate the Present.

Donation: Means a present granted, by the connection made by one (or more) Participant (s) to a Beneficiary. The qualification of the Don is a manual donation or a donation made by the participant (s) or the donor (s) directly on the means of payment displayed on the pool by the beneficiary. This qualification must be assessed by each Participant and Beneficiary according to their situation with the possible support of the advisers of their choice, in order to comply with the legal and fiscal provisions which are imposed on them.

Identifier: Means the data necessary for the identification of a User by the Issuer consisting of a User (valid email address) and a password comprising the unique identifier in the sense of the regulations.

The issuer: designates the "All For One" platform

Participant (s): Person who contributed to a Kitty.

Participation (s): Amount in cash paid by a Participant, for an equivalent amount, stored on the Pool.

Site: Designates the website www.all-41.com

User: Any natural person acting on his behalf or on behalf of an association of general or public interest under French law and using the Site either as a simple visitor, Organizer, Participant and / or Beneficiary.


The Parties agree to conclude the Contract online via the Site and to conclude the contractual documents by electronic means. The User is invited to download all the information and documents relating to the Contract on a durable medium and to keep them.
The User may at any time during the contractual relationship and free of charge obtain a copy of these documents by visiting the Site or if he so requests from Customer Service to receive them on paper. Only the Contract will prevail between the Parties in the event of a dispute. The User accepts that the methods of communication with the Issuer are made exclusively online. The Issuer guarantees the accessibility of information and documents for a period adapted to their purpose. If the Issuer is no longer able to ensure accessibility to this information and documents, they will inform the User beforehand, within a minimum of two months, by any means appropriate to their situation.

The All-41.com site offers its users an advertising platform by kitty in an interactive, modern and digital format, allowing it to promote its partner on the platform, on social networks and by any means it deems appropriate. . The All-41.com site also offers an online training platform (e-learning) for forging or perfecting the knowledge and skills of users in several fields: marketing, design, web development, project management, management, development business plan, project implementation support, etc.

User registration on the Site Necessary and pre-registration conditions

In order to register, the User must be old at least 18 (eighteen) years of age and be legally capable. The User can act on their own behalf or on behalf of a general interest or public interest association. He declares to act for non-professional needs or for the needs of an association which he is authorized to represent during for the entire duration of the Contract.

& nbsp; Procedure for registering on the Site < / b>

When registering, the User must including transmitting all the information required by the Issuer. (or can the User consult the required information?)

The User must indicate an Identifier, composed of a User (valid email address) and a password. It belongs to the User to comply with the authentication procedure in force set in place by the Issuer. The User is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its Identifier. He agrees not to use the Pools, name or Identifier of another User at any time, or disclose his Identifier to a third party. He agrees to notify immediately the Issuer, in the event that he suspects unauthorized use of his Identifier. He is solely responsible for any use of his Identifier.

Registration will only take place upon receipt by the User of a confirmation email sent to the address indicated by him formalizing the Issuer’s agreement. The latter may, without motivation, or right to compensation, do not respond to a request for registration. The transmitter (or the site) reserves the right at any time to request information and additional identification data, as well as all documents supporting documents that he considers useful.

The User declares at the time of his registration and for the duration of the Contract:

(a) that he is at least 18 (eighteen) years of age;

(b) that all the information provided during his registration are sincere, exact and up to date.

Use of services

& nbsp; The User cannot use the services provided by the Issuer, only after having sent the documents required by the Issuer and finalized the creation of his profile.

When the User is the Organizer of a solidarity jackpot using donations, it acts as project leader in order to use funding announcement services participative, he should fill in his banking information or any other means by which he wishes to receive donations from participants and donors (PayPal account, username for money transfer, transfer banking, etc.).

The payment information entered by the organizer of a prize pool are in no way disclosed to the public, they do not are accessible only for registered users who have fulfilled the conditions of registration and having provided all the personal information necessary to validating their account.

Please note that All for One (also all-41.com) does not intervene (and does not manage) in any way in fundraising or in their distributions, and is in no case an intermediary between the donor or participant and the organizer or beneficiary with regard to the funds collected, and therefore the site (the Issuer) declines all responsibility inherent in the fund used for all pools on the platform.

The donor or participant user disengages the Issuer's responsibility (all-41.com) with regard to funds (donation or participation) paid - by any means whatsoever - directly or indirect to the organizer or the beneficiary of a prize pool.

A Kitty is only valid if it has been the subject of several separate Participant Entries. The existence of a single Participant will result in the cancellation of the Prize Pool

The Issuer cannot be held responsible for any errors on the identity of the Participants or their qualities

Any inaccurate or misleading indication is likely to engage the Organizer's responsibility with regard to Participants and the Beneficiary. The Issuer, being foreign to the relationship existing between the Participants, the Beneficiary and the Organizer cannot in no way be held liable in this respect.

The Organizer agrees not to collect funds to enable it or to allow the Beneficiary or a third party to carry out a professional project or sell a good or service to Participants. This fundraising can in no case constitute a call savings, miscellaneous goods or financing a for-profit activity.


The prize pool service is fixed at an amount from 30 Euro per ads per year, without any fees or percentage or commission any, the site reserves the right to modify the price of its services to up or down provided that the user is notified within 25 days, the use of the services by the user after this deadline constitutes tacit acceptance of the said modifications.

The E-learning platform offers training in the card as needed at variable free or paid rates. Any training purchased on the site is acquired by the user at no cost additional.